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Beats - Music - New Producer

2007-07-28 08:58:18 by JB-Productions

Check Out my audio people.... ive been producing for some time and have upload some of my recent work. i just wants view to how you all thiks its working out. any tips or ideas would also be apriciated.


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2007-11-08 00:17:38

Yo, your boy neuro here XD. Like the style of your audio, also I respect that your hcor dnb! I just signed up on NG, but I'm all over it, I'll try to submit some of my flash trash and maybe some audio so check me out in a couple months.

P.S. Keep dropping dnb sickshit traks and I'll keep boostin ya! X[)



2007-11-08 01:01:08

I checked all your audio bro!
Read my comments XD!